1962 ad: Honda Trail "50"

. Saturday, July 14, 2012

When the road ends the fun begins. All nature is yours to explore when you take along a HONDA Trail "50" -- the trail machine that needs no trail. The Trail 50 is virtually indestructible and maintenance free yet so compact and light (121 pounds) it's fit on a car bumper with a simple attachment or in a station wagon, caper, trailer or small boat. Super powerful low gear ratio of 82 to 1. Speeds to 30 mph with quick-change sprocket for 45 mph touring. Powered by Honda's famous 50 cc 4-cycle OH V engine. For name of nearest dealer phone Western Union and ask for Operator 25. Honda Trail 50 only $275 plus destination and setup charge. Honda World's largest motorcycle manufacturer. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Dept. PM62-11 P.O. Box 65816 Los Angeles 65 California.

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